After last week's highly rated premiere, 'The Blacklist' returned tonight for another edge-of-your-seat episode. James Spader's Red Reddington once again helps the FBI track down another person on his blacklist, only this time, he leads them to Floriana Campo, the leader of a global sex-trafficking cartel (chillingly played by Isabella Rossellini) by hiring a contract killer nicknamed 'The Freelancer' as a pawn in one of his elaborate set-ups. While 'The Blacklist' is well on its way to become one of this season's most talked about new series, there is still one question that lingers: how is Red related to Elizabeth Keen (Megan Boone)? Find out a couple of possible answers to 'The Blacklist's' biggest mystery.

Red is Elizabeth's Long-Lost Father

Before last week's pilot even aired, critics and viewers alike were already calling the central characters of 'The Blacklist' as a father-daughter duo. It became even more obvious (or so we are led to believe) when Red himself revealed that Elizabeth's father was a criminal who left when she was a young girl. During the Montreal restaurant scene on tonight's episode, Red once again played with the idea that he is related to his FBI partner by asking her to pretend that she was his daughter. Here's a novel idea: how about doing a DNA test and save everyone the trouble?

Red is Tom's Father

Even though he was badly beaten by international terrorist Ranko Zamani last week, Elizabeth's husband Tom (Ryan Eggold) is a key player in the mysterious game set forth by Red. At the end of last week's episode, Elizabeth finds a wooden box hidden under the floor that contained cash, a gun, and several of Tom's passports with various aliases. Red often taunts her with how little she knows about her husband, and he might be right, but it's also possible that he knows everything about Tom because they share the same blood.

Red Knows Elizabeth's Dad

Because of his connection to possibly every wanted criminal in existence, there is a chance that Red is merely doing a favor (or using the opportunity to his advantage) for Elizabeth's still-unnamed father. Working closely with her might be the only way Red can reunite the agent with the man who abandoned her as a child, but that could also mean he has found a way to exact revenge on a fellow criminal who screwed him over in the past.

Red is Elizabeth's Mentor

Putting aside any paternal relationship, Red's mysteriously vested interest in Elizabeth might just be part of his overall plan to infiltrate the FBI. Whether she is aware of that fact or has yet to learn how she fits in his grand scheme remains to be seen, but what could be a bigger twist than setting up the show's heroine as the criminal mastermind's successor? Now if none of those possible scenarios turns out to be true, perhaps Red is simply...

Elizabeth's Pen Salesman

Because two episodes into the series and in BOTH, Elizabeth has used a pen to stab Red in the neck (Ep. 1) and to perform a tracheostomy on baddie Floriana (Ep. 2).

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