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When a Swedish contestant with a Kate Gosselin-esque hairdo jumped on the stage during the fourth night of blind auditions on 'The Voice,' we had to do a double take. Was it possible dance-pop singer Robyn decided to take the most easily accessible route to commercial success after years of trying to "make it" by auditioning for 'The Voice?' Turns out it wasn't Robyn - not even close. The young woman in question was actually 32-year-old Jennifer Newberry. And while Newberry and Robyn do share a homeland, they do not, unfortunately, share vocal ability.

We don't want to pick on Newberry - her performance was commendable - but she did her fellow countrywoman a disservice. In every generation, an artist comes along who doesn't get the commercial respect he or she deserves and that person for Gen Y is dance-pop artist Robyn. So when Jennifer Newberry hit 'The Voice' stage tonight and didn't deliver, we were beyond disappointed (as were the coaches, since none of them turned for her). In our opinion, she made one majorly wrong move: singing Bruno Mars' ''Treasure.' When you walk like a duck, talk like a duck, and look like a critically acclaimed Swedish singing sensation, you should sing 'Show Me Love,' 'Hang With Me,' or 'Call Your Girlfriend.'

What did you think of the Jennifer Newberry's audition? Should she have channeled her inner Robyn? Take a listen to both singers below decide: who's the better Swedish import?

Jennifer Newberry - 'Treasure'

Robyn - 'Call Your Girlfriend' Live on 'Saturday Night Live'