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Ever since the third season of "Once Upon a Time" premiered last week, the new character that's on everyone's mind is the evil version of Peter Pan ("He may look like a boy, but he's a bloody demon." - Hook). The mysterious and mischievous Pan faced off with Emma Swan on tonight's episode titled "Lost Girl," offering her a map that will supposedly lead them to Henry's whereabouts, but instead revealed a little bit more about the show's central heroine.

So who is the young man portraying Peter Pan on "Once Upon a Time?" His name is Robbie Kay and you might have already seen him onscreen before.

About a Boy

Kay looks deceivingly younger than his real age, so it's fitting that he was cast as the ageless Peter Pan. The actor was born in September 1995 in the town of Lymington, Hampshire, England, but was raised in Brussels, Belgium. Kay also lived with his family in Prague, Czech Republic, where he attended an international school. He later moved to the U.S. to pursue a full time acting career.

Disappearing Act

With no acting experience, Kay landed his first speaking role opposite Edward Norton, Jessica Biel and Paul Giamatti in the 2006 mystery drama "The Illusionist." His scenes, however, did not make the film's final cut.

Rising Star

Kay eventually landed a minor role in a feature film, playing the son of Kevin McKidd's character in 2007's "Hannibal Rising," which followed the early years of the cinematic villain. That same year, he acted in the TV biopic "My Boy Jack" opposite Daniel Radcliffe and Carey Mulligan.

Playing Pinocchio

Years before he was Peter Pan, Kay played another popular fairy tale character. In 2008, he starred as the puppet who dreamt of becoming a real boy in the Italian produced miniseries "Pinocchio." British actor Bob Hoskins co-starred as Pinocchio's father Geppetto.

Stanning for Leo

Kay says the one actor he would most like to work with is none other than Leonardo DiCaprio, who also started his career at a young age. "I really look up to him in everything he does," Kay tells Kidzworld. "My favorite movie is 'Inception.'"

Model Student

Receiving a Young Artist Award nomination for his performance in the indie drama "Fugitive Pieces," Kay decided to skip the awards show because of more important priorities. "It was a great honor for me to be nominated for an award, it was the first time I was nominated for an award, although I wasn't able to attend because of school," he says.

A Pirate's Life

Well on his way to conquering Tinseltown, Kay auditioned and was cast as the youngest member of Blackbeard's crew in the box office hit "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides." The fourth film in the successful Disney franchise, "On Stranger Tides" saw the return of Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow, but it was also Kay's opportunity to share screen time with two of his favorite actors: Depp and Geoffrey Rush.