Damian Lewis as Nicholas
Kent Smith/Showtime

After a pair of Brody-less episodes aired to tepid response, tonight's Homeland gave fans the Damien Lewis fix they've been waiting for since the end of season two, and then some. The lion's share of the hour was given over to introducing Brody's new set of circumstances, finding him the bald-headed captive of a group of Venezuelan gangsters with bad facial tattoos and a habit of tossing people they don't like off buildings. It was a darker, higher-stakes show than the one we've been watching lately, and worlds (or at least continents) removed from last week's Dana-centrism, but the unexpected change in setting gave some viewers whiplash. Check out the Twitter reaction after the jump.

For some, the new direction was cause to rejoice:

But others found the show's Venezuelan excursion tedious and slightly confusing:
In particular, viewers were unhappy with the decision to forgo subtitles:
Opinion over Brody's new look was also divided:

Also, puns: What did everyone else think of Brody's return? Did you like the new direction, or have we veered dangerously near shark-jumping territory? Tell us below.