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This past summer, we found out that "Smash" star Will Chase would be joining the cast of "Nashville" in Season 2, but we weren't privy to what capacity. Now, after last night's episode, we're pretty sure that Chase's character Luke Wheeler is about to become a big part of the ABC soap series.

The first time we met Luke was back when Rayna Jaymes inducted Juliette Barnes into the Grand Ole Opry. Wheeler was very conveniently placed into the situation by being a part of the surprise ceremony. Since then, he's been an aloof character with a surprising amount of star power. Here's what we know about him so far ...

Luke Wheeler Loves Horses
The country singer attended the very ritzy Belle Meade Polo Match -- a place you wouldn't normally see a star of his supposed caliber. But he wasn't there to rub shoulders with Nashville's elite. He was there to cheer on two of his prized steeds that were competing. Now you know what to get him for Christmas.

An Ex and Kids
Wheeler isn't immune to the pitfalls of fame. The singer is separated from his wife, with whom he has two children. Surprisingly, this isn't unlike Chase's real life. The Tony Award-nominated actor has two daughters from a previous marriage, and has been divorced twice.

Juliette Barnes Is Just a Flash in the Pan
After inducting Juliette into the Grand Ole Opry, Wheeler let Rayna Jaymes know how he really felt about the twenty-something starlet. His lack of care for the blonde bombshell shows that Luke is more of the "old guard," and plays music that's more in line with country's traditional values. Hopefully we'll actually get to see him play in a forthcoming episode.

He's Got a Thing for Rayna Jaymes
Maybe it was the big hat at the polo match that attracted Wheeler's mystic gaze? Or maybe it's just that Rayna Jaymes is a pretty swell single lady. Regardless of his intentions, one this is for sure -- Luke wants Rayna bad. Will these two lovebirds end up on a lusty tour together? Or will their short relationship implode in typical "Nashville" fashion?

Based on Luke Bryan
We haven't seen him perform yet, so we're not totally sure if Luke Wheeler is based on any one country singer. But he may be borrowing his personality from Nashville's favorite male pop act, Luke Bryan. Of course, this doesn't make sense when considering Wheeler's thoughts on Juliette Barnes. So he might just be a sexy stud, outfitted with a personality similar to John Rich (Lonestar, Big & RIch).

"Nashville" airs Wednesday's at 10PM ET on ABC.