Mandy Patinkin as Saul Berenson, Claire Danes as Carrie Mathison and Rupert Friend as Peter Quinn in Homeland (Season 3, Episode 6). - Photo:  Kent Smith/SHOWTIME - Photo ID:  homeland_306_2657.R
Kent Smith/Showtime

In an episode that prominently featured death-by-Coke-bottle, the most surprising aspect of the latest Homeland may have been what's hiding in Carrie's bathroom (and no, it's not Brody). With little buildup and no real context, we watch her take a (positive) pregnancy test, right before she opens a drawer to reveal dozens of neatly stacked test sticks all bearing the same little plus sign. So who's the baby daddy? We don't know yet, but we do have a few guesses. Let's take a look at the most likely candidates.

1. Brody
Why? Probably most people's first thought upon viewing this scene. After all, Carrie and Brody have a romantic history, and who knows how careful they were during those crazy cabin weekends?
Would he make a good dad? Brody's intentions may be more decent than not, but his allegiances are too complicated for his family not to get caught in the crossfire. We've all seen what happened to Dana this year. No more of that, please.
Odds: 10-1.

2. Quinn
The last few episodes have shown a subtly growing camaraderie between Quinn and Carrie, leading us to wonder if this professional hitman has finally found his true mark. "I'm not sure I like having you watch over me," Carrie told him last week, by which she surely meant, "I would like to conceive your unborn child."
Would he make a good dad? Despite his job description, Quinn comes off as a pretty stand-up guy (and the season premiere showed that his skewed moral compass does not excuse violence against children). Maybe it's time for him to put down the firearms and pick up a diaper bag.
Odds: 30-1

3. Saul
Why? I know, what? Saul and Carrie's relationship has always been of the mentor-student variety. But let's not forget that Saul's marriage hasn't been such smooth sailing lately, and we still don't know what really happened when these two were secretly planning the whole psych ward fakeout thing.
Would he make a good dad? Saul might be too committed to his job for his own good, but he'll probably be out of work soon thanks to the scheming Senator Lockhart. In that case, Showtime should start production on the Saul Berenson: Stay-At-Home Dad sitcom immediately.
Odds: 70-1

4. Skeezy Liquor Store Guy
Why? Carrie hooked up with this nameless fellow once in the season premiere, then again when she crashed at his apartment a few episodes back.
Would he make a good dad? From Liquor Store Guy's perspective, it's the stuff of a Judd Apatow movie: six pack-toting bro is forced to confront his delayed emotional growth when a casual hookup results in pregnancy...and international intrigue. But no. Probably not.
Odds: 100-1

5. Dana Brody
Why? Who says the father has to be a man? Maybe Carrie and Dana have been doing some covert family planning--it would certainly go a ways toward explaining why Carrie was so eager to go hunting her when her whole cover was at stake.
Would she make a good dad? Despite the strident viewer reaction, Dana Brody is in many ways a very impressive young lady. She might've changed her name to Dana Lazaro, but Dana Mathison's also got a nice ring to it.
Odds: 1000-1

Who is Carrie's baby daddy?
Brody607 (51.9%)
Quinn207 (17.7%)
Saul36 (3.1%)
Man from liquor store218 (18.6%)
Someone else102 (8.7%)