The plot thickens in the Hamptons as Revenge gets more intense than ever in the five weeks leading up to Emily and Daniel's wedding. This week's episode, "Dissolution," has more twists than the Cyclone at Coney Island so we're taking a look at the four biggest game changers.
Charlotte puts Daniel's ex back in the mix.
Daniel's long-talked about ex Sarah (the cocktail waitress, as Victoria likes to refer to her) who fell victim to his old partying ways in a drunk driving accident is back, thanks to Charlotte. It seems the youngest Grayson is flexing her manipulation muscle in an effort to get Daniel and Sarah back together and Emily out of their lives. By the looks of next week's promo, her plan may just work.

Nolan and Jack come clean.
Nolan and Jack let each other know they are both in on Emily's secret of actually being Amanda Clarke. While this truth could've threatened their friendship (Jack is furious when he learns Nolan has been in on the conspiracy from the beginning), it seems to only make this bromance stronger. But will their alliance make it impossible for Em to finish off her revenge plans?

Patrick is sent packing.
Jack tips off Conrad that it was actually Patrick responsible for toying with his car, causing the accident which killed Father Paul. Conrad sends his goons to take care of Patrick and Victoria sends her first-born off to avoid her husband's wrath. If we were betting types, we'd put our money on Patrick returning, and this time he might not be so loyal to mommy for sending him away...again.

The Graysons regain their fortune.
Just as Victoria is poised to cut her ties to Conrad completely, Aiden reintroduces her to the family fortune, which is allegedly sitting in the form of hundreds of gold bars in the middle of a sketchy warehouse. Money equals power and it appears the Graysons are ready to take back their control.