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It can be tough to keep track of all the contestants on singing competitions, and The Voice is even more densely loaded than most. As of Monday, 20 are competing for the winning title--many more than the show can cover in a single episode. To help keep track of the mayhem, we've put together an infographic weighing contestants' level of ability against their shot at winning. Check it out.
Photos: NBC

To analyze the results, we have a few clear favorites in Tessanne, Matthew, and Caroline, whose best performances all suggest that it's still talent that wins singing competitions. However, you can never count out the power of a pretty face, so the attractive-but-questionably-skilled Ray Boudreaux and Grey still have a chance. On the other hand, Will Champlin is one of the best singers on the show, but his aloof look and frequent shifting between teams make him seem like a bit of a long shot. Finally, floating somewhere in the middle we have teenagers, country singers, and men who wear hats.

Also, if you stare at the graphic long enough, it sort of looks like a camel.

KEY: 1. Jonny Gray 2. Amber Nicole 3. Nic Hawk 4. Will Champlin 5. Josh Logan 6. Stephanie Anne Johnson 7. Tamara Chauniece 8. Cole Vosbury 9. Olivia Henken 10. Austin Jenckes 11. Jacque Lee 12. Shelbie Z 13. Grey 14. Ray Boudreaux 15. Kat Robichaud 16. James Wolpert 17. Preston Pohl 18. Matthew Schuler 19. Caroline Pennel 20. Tessanne Chin