BROOKLYN NINE-NINE: Det. Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg, L) interrupts Det. Amy Santiago's (Melissa Fumero, R) date in the all-new

On Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Detectives Jake Peralta and Amy Santiago engage in some very witty banter that makes you wonder if the two may eventually have some romantic sparks ignite between them. On last week's episode, when Jake indirectly caused Amy to cancel a first date with a new guy multiple times, we actually saw a softer side to the wise-cracking detective. So could there be a future between these two?

"I love their relationship because I just love how complex it is," actress Melissa Fumero tells AOL. "Andy and I have so much fun playing those different parts of their relationship. And, yeah, I think there's a lot to grow and a lot to get to know about them and their relationship before maybe that happens. But it's going to be a will they won't they I think for a while."

The question really is -- what will it take for Peralta and Santiago to put their egos aside and decide they have real feelings for each other? Melissa thinks a random act may have to occur for the coworkers to pursue any deep feelings.

"Unless something happens by accident," she says. "Sometimes I'm like, that could almost happen with them. Who knows? I obviously don't write the show so I have no power in this decision."

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