Damian Lewis as Nicholas

There were a lot of big scenes in Sunday's Homeland--the season's penultimate episode--but the biggest found Brody getting himself into a room with Akbari, this season's late-blooming big bad, and...well, as the kids all say these days, SPOILER ALERT. If you haven't watched the latest Homeland yet, don't read the next paragraph.

Lalalalala. Are you still reading? Okay.

After spilling the CIA's plan, Brody told Akbari that he'd "come to redeem himself," which in itself was a pretty big tell that he was about to off the guy. But that wasn't the only way the Homeland writers tipped their hand. No, I'd like to draw the jury's attention to the HUGE GLASS CANDY DISH in the foreground of the entire scene, which Brody then used to bash Akbari over the head. It's there when we see Akbari's office at the beginning of the episode. It's there when Brody comes into the room, conspicuously placed at the bottom of the frame. Seemingly every time there's a pause in the conversation, the camera lingers on the HUGE GLASS CANDY DISH with which Brody will momentarily murder the other man in the scene.

It doesn't quite drain all of the tension out of what's an otherwise taut sequence, but it comes close. Breaking Bad did the same thing earlier this year when the director focused on a kitchen knife block in an otherwise sedate scene, signaling that the knives would later come into play in somewhat less-than-sedate circumstances. But there's a difference between planting something in the viewer's mind and beating them over the head with the proverbial candy dish. Homeland had a strong episode Sunday night, but let's make the murder weapon a little less ostentatious--maybe a cheese plate, or something.