Damian Lewis as Nicholas

We've only got one more episode left of Homeland this season, which has finally hit its stride after a long, turgid build-up to Brody's return. This last stretch of episodes has been far more enjoyable than it deserves to be, given what came before it, although where the show goes from here is something I'd prefer not to think about too much. The show cannot allow Brody to survive--there's simply not enough story left for the writers to tell. But if it kills him off, it risks permanently becoming the aimless bore it was for the majority of this past season. At any rate, let's take our mind off of these heavier things by looking at GIFs of people making funny faces.

Smiley face 1. Saul visits Alan in a holding cell and gets what every cuckolded husband would want from the man who wrecked his marriage: a team of undercover Mossad agents. As Saul says, "It's the only reason I'm talking to the greaseball who f***ed my wife." Saul: 1. Alan: 0.

Smiley face 2. Brody and Akbari face each other in a western-style standoff. What's the Iranian equivalent of high noon? At any rate, this was pretty badass.

Smiley face 3. Less successful: Abu Nazir's widow is just hanging out here? I guess it's not totally improbable, but still: lucky break there, Brody.

Smiley face 4. Also, couldn't Brody find a better place to hide the cyanide-delivering device than his rolled-up shirtsleeve? Talk about an unnecessary risk. Although I'm totally going to try storing pens and stuff in there now.

Smiley face 5. The closing sequence, where Brody assassinates Akbari, was pretty tense, but there was one small thing that totally deflated the tension of the scene: the murder weapon conveniently sitting in the foreground the entire time! We had some more thoughts about this here.

What did everyone else think?

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